how much does it cost to host a wordpress domain?

Other common costs are domains, themes and plugins. Most importantly, shared hosting includes a one-step WordPress setup, so no technical knowledge is required. If you decide you don't want to use that domain name for your website, all you have to do is let it expire. Once you purchase a domain name, you will need a web hosting service to publish your WordPress website.

An advanced Domain Name is essential for those looking for Social Media Marketing, SEO and above all Product Branding. Hosting gives your website a place to live, and a domain name is the address that people use to find that space. Deciding which web host to invest in is one of the most important choices you will make when creating your WordPress site. Some hosting providers, such as Bluehost, offer a free SSL certificate with at least some of their WordPress hosting plans.

While there are plenty of options for the type of hosting you can use, entry-level shared hosting is generally suitable for bloggers and businesses creating their first website. I've taken over sites built on that platform and had nothing but trouble moving to regular site hosting. You can continue to use Bluehost for WordPress hosting to keep the cost down and get a free domain name. Keep in mind that the costs of your custom WordPress website will vary and will depend on your unique wants and needs.

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