¿puede wordpress alojar podcasts?

You can publish podcasts on your WordPress.com site and make them available to listeners on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and through direct feed links to. Nayma by Artisan Themes is a functional WordPress theme that uses drag-and-drop modules to design each page. Most logically, it's an obvious solution for podcasters who want to use WordPress as an extension to their existing Libsyn podcast. Rather than pretending to import and rely on third-party podcast platforms, Podlove Podcast Publisher has been built with WordPress in mind.

So every time a new episode is uploaded to the podcast hosting service, it will be automatically distributed across all the directories you have connected. Instead, upload the episode to the podcast hosting service which is designed to store and transfer large audio files efficiently. More advanced coders may prefer to host their own podcast RSS feed and store their files on a separate server. We will show you how to list podcast episodes in a filterable and sortable database (with easily browsable archives, analytics and email sign-up forms) on a self-hosted WordPress website.

We will enable you to collect email subscribers by adding an email subscription box to your podcast page using MailChimp and the MailChimp plugin for WordPress. For veteran hosts, Seriously Simple Podcasting supports both audio and video files and allows users to run multiple podcasts from the same site, each with their own RSS feed. You can continue to publish and update episodes directly from your WordPress site, and your RSS feed will communicate those changes with the appropriate directories. Castos, for example, also hosts your podcast on its own servers, so if you're a Castos customer you don't have to worry about the performance of your website's server.

This is especially true if you use a cheap shared hosting solution: these servers are not made for hosting podcasts. My question is if blubrry has its own podcast player why should I spend on another player like Smart Podcast Player to embed my files in wordpress. Now before you jump into publishing your podcast, you must upload the audio file to your media hosting service. Out of the box, Tusant supports all the major WordPress podcasting plugins, including Seriously Simple Podcasting, PowerPress, and BuzzSprout.

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