what is my wordpress hosting?

There are two main types of WordPress hosting: shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting. Cloud WordPress is a FREE development environment to quickly design and build WordPress websites before deploying them live. You can add the Cloudflare plugin to your WordPress and cover your site (the source) to Cloudflare in https also working with them to secure the site itself via https. So a call to your web host will probably be your best "first stop" and then update the WordPress and if your web host couldn't or didn't help you with your cert then fix that or go with Cloudflare.

Remember - those are just the starting prices - the higher level shared WordPress plans are more expensive. Amongst a barrage of terms like shared, dedicated and VPN, you've come across this thing called WordPress hosting. Just remember that, for the cheaper price, you're missing out on the concierge services offered by managed WordPress hosts. Your server will still optimise WordPress performance, but it won't have it all to yourself.

However, with so many companies claiming to offer the fastest WordPress hosting, how do you decide which company to use? Besides performance. Build faster, protect your brand and grow your business with a WordPress platform built to power extraordinary online experiences. Reduce your live site risk by using Cloud WordPress to safely test the impact of new plugins and theme changes.

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