what is wordpress virtual hosting?

Before you start - Installing WordPress multiple times. To transfer a website from XAMPP to the live server, or from any other source you must make a normal WordPress backup in XAMPP and restore it to the live server. To get both websites and the XAMPP configuration pages (localhost) running on my XAMPP installation, I have the following in the XAMPP virtual hosts configuration file (httpd-vhosts. As such, securing these websites as production sites is not necessary, but you still need to take care of WordPress security best practices in case the websites are accessed over the Internet by mistake.

It is highly recommended to install something like Fail2ban on servers that will host a WordPress installation, especially if you intend to install any third-party plugins. DigitalOcean's built-in monitoring tools will be very useful once you host a WordPress site. As you are planning to install WordPress on this server, it means that it will be publicly accessible, and therefore a possible target for attackers. Let's start configuring your WordPress installation to use XAMPP's virtual hosting capabilities.

Working with WordPress makes it very easy to do this and is a breeze to set up with virtual hosts and the free XAMPP stack. WordPress is a popular and dynamic content management system that makes it easy to create anything from blogs to complete websites and online shops. I've been following DigitalOcean's guides on setting up virtual hosts to the letter, but I keep running into a certain error. If you are a WordPress plugin or theme developer, or provide professional WordPress support from time to time, you need to run multiple WordPress websites on the same XAMPP installation on Windows.

If you want to add more than one virtual host (website) to XAMPP, simply add more VirtualHost directives to the same file. Although running the websites on XAMPP is done for testing purposes, WordPress security should not be ignored. Bitnami virtual machines contain a minimal Linux operating system with WordPress installed and configured.

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