who hosts wordpress?

HostGator's WordPress plan should make your site faster in different regions, especially for mobile users. Essentially, you can get many of the benefits of managed wordpress hosting at a similar price to shared hosting. So, to find out who's really at the top according to users, we've conducted the largest WordPress hosting survey to date. It stands out for the wide range of hosting options it offers, including different managed and unmanaged hosting plans for Windows and Linux.

One of the advantages of switching to Turbo Boost or Turbo Max hosting plans is the performance boost. If it is a short-term project, for example, less than a month or two, you will normally receive a refund if you cancel your hosting within 60 days. Normally, you would have to install a caching plugin to do this, but most wordpress hosts incorporate this functionality. With unmanaged WordPress hosting, your site lives on a server that typically only has a Linux or Windows operating system.

While many web hosting services offer what they call unlimited or unmetered service for a certain amount of bandwidth, disk storage and websites you use, be sure to read the terms of service. This is the price for standard WordPress hosting managed by WP Engine, but there are two other groups of plans available that follow the Start, Grow and Scale format. It's one of the most developer-friendly web hosting providers, too, with multiple versions of PHP and Git pre-installed. For a few dollars and no commitment, you can get set up on one of the fastest and most reliable WordPress hosting platforms.

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