why host wordpress on aws?

Yes, it may seem like it costs more in the short term than your company's EC2, but in the long term not hosting your site with a quality wordpress hosting provider can end up costing significantly more in terms of the damage a hacking episode can do. Plesk is the software that hosting providers use as a software management solution that makes it much easier to use, if you had to do it manually through your operating system. Your WordPress website is hosted in a sophisticated, highly secure container environment that is inaccessible to web hacker bots looking for targets. But what ends up happening in many cases is that the technician may be very talented, but not an expert in WordPress hosting and management.

With that in mind, AWS might be a bad choice if you're new to building websites, or if you just want a hassle-free hosting option without the need to look under the bonnet. From there, you can choose a WordPress theme, install a few must-have plugins and get started. By the end of this tutorial, your Lightsail instance and WordPress website will be online and ready to go. Now, you need to log into your DNS hosting provider's website and replace the default nameservers with Lightsail's nameservers.

If you are an individual or run a small business that doesn't have a system administrator on hand, then you can easily use Lightsail to create, deploy and maintain a self-hosted WordPress website. While we'll focus on using Lightsail to launch your WordPress instance, you can also use Lightsail to deploy small-scale web applications, enterprise software, developer sandboxes, and test environments. Since your site is published as a static replica of the WordPress site, all potential vulnerabilities are left behind. If you use the search function to look for "WordPress configurations, you will find over 100 different configurations to choose from.

Companies like ours are WordPress experts, and we have many years behind us managing, maintaining and hosting WordPress websites.

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